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The Bangkok Betrayal

The Bangkok Betrayal Montage of Colonial images - Boer War

The Bangkok Betrayal

Frank Hurst has just completed his latest novel, the second exhilarating story of his new Hansom Cab Trilogy.

An extraordinary turn of events sees cab proprietor, Henry Gough propelled from the familiar streets of Victorian London into the grip of a stirring adventure, full of danger, political intrigue and ruthless treachery in faraway Siam.

When Henry becomes the only witness to the brutal murder of his passenger on one of London's richest avenues, he is given a clandestine mission to perform - one which will end on the banks of Bangkok's steamy Chao Phraya River. As he uncovers a sinister plot that will bring chaos to Siam, Henry draws ever closer to revealing the assassin's true identity, and is forced to confront powerful forces that threaten his own life.

As Britain and France's colonial ambitions clash inside the court of King Chulalongkorn, the scene is set for a bitter struggle that will decide the fate of Siam itself.

The Bangkok Betrayal is a breathtaking addition to the series of Henry Gough novels that began with The Peccavi Plot.

“While twists and turns abound, the story retains the authenticity for which Hurst's writing is so renowned.”